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We believe that a successful bank or credit union is the product of enlightened leadership that respects the quality and dedication of the men and women who people the organization.

In our role as banking recruiters and credit union recruiters, we help companies consolidate vision and leadership with quality people who make the difference.


Our services for employers include:

       Customized search and referral
     ●  Contracting and Employer of Record
     ●  Job Advertising


To Job seekers we offer:
     ●  Confidentiality
     ●  Our services are free

     ●  Respect

Our Advantages:
     ●  We know the people
     ●  We know the business

We manage off-limits

Scott Watson & Associates, Inc. hereinafter referred to as "SWA" is a Florida corporation with headquarters in Bradenton, FL.  SWA is an executive search firm ( bank recruiters, banking recruiters, credit union recruiters ) focusing in the banking and credit union industries. It operates nationwide. Searches in which it has been involved directly or indirectly as a banking recruiter or credit union recruiter includes ceo, cfo, coo, cashier, commercial loan officer, corporate loan, consumer lender, wealth management, special assets, loan review, credit analyst, financial analyst, president, market exec, marketing, profit planning, bank recruiters, credit union recruiters, banking recruiters profit management, trust, private banking, auditing, accounting, branch manager, branch administration, deposit ops, mortgage, it, investments, portfolio management, bank recruiters. SWA sponsors and manages which is a banking and credit union focused job board which helps banks and credit unions find banking and credit union candidates and employees.